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2014 Holiday Blog Hop

This Christmas is going to be extra special.  Four months ago, we put our daughter on a plane for Toronto, where she has been going to university.  I haven't seen her since then, so one of the most important things on my holiday bucket list is to spend lots of time with her.  I know that she'll have plans with her friends, but I'll take as much as I can!  I also have to bring out those vegetarian recipes again.  I used to think it was a pain to have to cook two meals, but now I can't wait!
Christmas Eve is my favourite part of the holiday.  My siblings and their families will gather at my parents and we spend the afternoon and early evening together, eating bacon-wrapped scallops and my father's famous seafood chowder.  Then, we will go to mass and come home where my children will open one present.  It's always new jammies, and they always act so surprised!

The best gift is always one that shows that you have thought about the recipient.  What does s/he really like?  What would they love to have but never think to get for themselves?  I'm going to put together a basket of treasures for my daughter to take back to school.  A couple of good books, warm socks, some packets of David's tea, chocolate covered almonds, an iTunes gift card, etc.  She doesn't have a lot of extra money to spend on herself while she's at school, so I want her to have some treats that will give her some comfort.

The Christmas season is so focused on materialistic pursuits, so during that time, I like to have my students focus on giving and helping others.  This real-life research project has them finding out about the service organizations in their community and finding ways to help them.  The project incorporates many important ELA skills and students will be researching, writing, speaking and listening, all while they learn about the joy of serving others in thier community.

The last few days before the holiday can be difficult--no one's mind is on school, yet you have to keep teaching.  It's tempting to watch Elf or Home Alone, but why not plan something fun that will keep the students learning and working?  This freebie gives you ideas that help you turn your classroom into a coffee house as well as some to inspire your students to write some poetry.


  1. Jackie,
    What a thoughtful idea for your daughter... I know she will love it!

    1. Thanks, Julie, I can't wait to see her. Two weeks today!

  2. Have fun with your kids!! PS - Your new blog is awesome!!! Love it!


  3. Enjoy spending time with your daughter! That will be a wonderful gift!

  4. I love your research project tied to giving. I wanted to do a service project with my Creative Writing class this holiday season, but they vetoed the idea in favor of "regular work."

    Brynn Allison
    The Literary Maven

  5. Seafood chowder, yum! Enjoy the special time with your daughter. :)


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