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Second Semester Getting to Know You

It's the first day of second semester.  Luckily my IB class stays with me all year, so I don't have a full slate of new classes to meet.  As you know, it takes a lot more energy to put on your "show" for a group of kids you don't know, so it's nice to have one class of familiar faces to greet today.

My other classes are new, however, so we have to do some "getting to know you".  Last fall I made an exercise that got them out of the seats, as it can be a long day of listening to teachers drone on about classroom rules.  The activity worked really well--the kids enjoyed it and it helped me get to know them a little better too.  You can grab it for free at my TpT store.  I also have a short unit that I created that helps you do a grammar review and teach them other skills they need to be successful.

After the first day, I have some tried and true activities that I like to use during the first few days to help set the tone of the class and to further get to know the students.  I've blogged about them before, and because I love the activities so much, I thought I'd share them again.

Have a great second semester!

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