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Awesome Pinterest boards for middle and high school English teachers
Six years ago, we built a cottage.  It was the result of ten years of dreaming and saving, and ten years of me cutting pictures out of magazines. I had a scrapbook and glue sticks and countless pictures of ideas for our cottage.  If only there had been Pinterest then, I could have invested all the money I spent on magazines into a piece of furniture for the cottage!

And, if only Pinterest (or the internet) been around when I started teaching, it would have saved me countless hours of planning for my classes.  There are so many ideas out there to inspire our lesson plans and classroom decor, even to give us advice on how to deal with the stresses of teaching.

I decided that I would share my favourite boards for English teachers.  I hope you can find some inspiration!

My Boards:
I've become a little addicted to Pinterest, so I've got quite a few boards for secondary English, but my favourites are my Secondary Reader's and Writer's Workshop, and my Writing Prompts boards.

From The Classroom Sparrow:
Ms. Sparrow has a number of awesome boards, including her Totally Free Resources and Sincerely Shakespeare , but my favourite is English Exposure:

Danielle has an amazing variety of boards, like All Things British Literature and High School Classroom Management & Inspiration. Danielle has recently become a guru of all things digital, so check out her Go Interactive Board:

Addie is a librarian who teaches ELA and Geography, so you'll find a broad range of ideas on her boards.  I especially like Quotes, Posters & Sayings,  and ELA activities for Teens & Tweens:

From Darlene Anne:
If you're looking for middle school ELA inspiration, you'll find lots on Darlene Anne's boards.  Check out: Literary Elements,  Clever Classroom Ideas.

From Angie Kratzer:
Angie has a lot of ideas for high school and AP English.  Her High School English board is chock full of inspiration:

From Juggling ELA:
Looking for help teaching Shakespeareand poetry?  Check out Tammy's Teaching Shakespeare,  and Poetry Resources.

From Sophist Thoughts:
I love all of the videos that James has collected. His Animated Shorts to Teach is an amazing collection of short films you can use to teach literary elements.  Check out his  Short Story board for more videos.

From Secondary Sara:
Sara has an amazing collection of blog posts by secondary ELA teachers.  If you're looking for inspiration and ideas, you'll find both here:

Follow Secondary Sara's board ELA Blog Posts on Pinterest.

From Stacey Lloyd:
Stacey's boards include two that I especially like, her Teaching Grammar and Teaching Reading boards are sure to inspire you.

From 2 Peas & a Dog:
If you're a middle school teacher looking for ideas, Krity's boards will provide them.  Check out her Classroom Management and Google Apps for Education boards. She has a great series of blog posts too.

Sherri has boards that are a great inspiration for organization and decor.  Check out:

From Brain Waves Instruction: 
Mary Beth has one of my favourite middle school blogs.  You can find links to her posts here.

That's a lot of inspiration!  Do you have any favourite boards?  Let me know!


  1. Is there an awesome secondary board out there that we should all be following? Let us know!

  2. I just saw this post!! Thank you for sharing my board!! :)

  3. Great boards, and I even saw a few of my own pins out there! Thanks for sharing your favorites!


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