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If you follow me, you know I went a little station crazy this year.  My students loved them, so I just kept making more, with every new thing we did. I now have quite a collection of station titles, task cards and task sheets, and they were starting to spill out everywhere.

When I was at Staples copying my latest batch of task cards for To Kill a Mockingbird, I decided to go looking for something to help me keep it all together.

I grabbed a binder, some sheet protectors and some clear plastic pages designed to hold 4 x 6 photos. Today, I dug out my collection of stuff and very quickly had it all put away and organized.  I was very pleased with myself!  My room looks cleaner and now I have very easy access to all of my learning stations.

One tip: to keep the task cards all neat and tidy inside the plastic, I used a paper clip to both hold them together and to clip them to the plastic.  Everything stays in place just so that way.

In the cases where I had task sheets to go with particular stations, I put the title, the task cards and the sheets all together in one sheet protector. That way, it's all organized and ready to go for next time. So, if you've been using learning stations and have been a bit unorganized like me, I hope this can help you get your act together too!
 If you'd like to check out my collection of learning stations, you can do so HERE.


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