Learning Stations in the Secondary Classroom - Room 213

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Learning Stations in the Secondary Classroom

Learning stations in the secondary classes do work
Learning stations are perfect for the secondary classroom!

If you're a follower, you're well aware of my crush on learning stations.  I had never used them until this year, as I hadn't even thought of using them with high school students. However, once I tried them both my students and I were hooked! I made stations for independent reading, revision, grammar, literature study and speaking.  I kept making them and my students kept asking for them.

Learning stations for speaking and listening
I've had a number of people ask me lately if I've blogged about how learning stations work in my classroom, so I thought I'd put together a post with all of the links to those posts.  Here they are:

Have you had success with learning stations in your classroom? Failures? I'd love to hear about it and/or answer any of your questions.



  1. Do you have successes or failures to share? Questions or concerns?

  2. I love getting kids up and moving, and I love when they are able to work with each other and move on to the next task, whether it be together or with an entirely new group of kids. It did take some time (and quite a bit of trial and error) to teach them how to do this, though. I sometimes forget that what seems like common sense to me (get up, go to your station, complete the task, and move on) is NOT always the same type of "common sense" to teenagers! The more they practice, the better they get, which, over time, also increases their productivity in class. Your learning stations bundle looks AWESOME!! Your planning out of the process and the activites, themsleves, look outstanding! Thank you soooo much for sharing all your great ideas with us! You rock!!!