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Multi-Genre Projects for Deeper Learning

Multi-Genre Projects Create Opportunities for Real Learning
I began my grade ten class this year with guiding questions: What causes intolerance? How can we learn to be more tolerant? Then after every unit we did, or text we studied, I would have them reflect on what they learned from their reading in terms of these questions.

Multi-genre projects get middle and high school students thinking critically
As we got closer to the end of the semester, I assigned the multi-genre project. They had to explore the topic of tolerance further by reading or viewing other texts, then make a final conclusion to answer the guiding questions. Finally, they had to create multiple texts from three different genres to illustrate their learning.

I was thrilled with the end result. My students came to some very thoughtful conclusions about the causes of intolerance and some amazing suggestions for conquering it.  I was also impressed with the creative ways that they illustrated their learning.

You can see pictures of some of their work here.

Because they had to create texts from three different genres, they had to stretch a little, beyond what they normally have to do when we ask them to write an essay on the topic.  There was much more thought and creativity - and learning - displayed than what I usually see with more traditional assignments.  What I liked most about the project, however, is that it required students to dig deep and think, rather than just regurgitate content from the course. That's always a good thing!

Have you had any success with multi-genre projects?  Leave a comment below:

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