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The Best Resource Ever!

I created this guidebook to stop the questions:  

"Mrs. C, what do you mean by close reading?" 
"Where do you put the citation?"
"Do I have do use a citation when it's all my words?"
"What do you mean by topic sentence?"

Now there is nothing wrong with those questions.  I love questions.  I just don't love ones that the students should know the answer to. 

Previously, I would give them lots of handouts -and they would just shove them into their binders in some mindless, disorganized way.  It was so much easier for them to ask me than to search for the handout. 

Now, I surprise them with this guidebook.  They come to the class on assembly day to find the sheets all spread out, ready to put together.  They are quite intrigued to see what I'm up to.  Once the book is complete they are so excited, not only 'cause it looks pretty cool, but because it's so easy to use. In fact, I've taught kids two years later, and they still have the guidebook with them. You know it's a good one when teenagers hold on to it! And, it's getting even better: I'm working on a digital version for Google Classroom. We only have the Chromebooks sometimes, so I think I'll give mine both. 

What's your best resource ever?  


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