Back-to-School Ideas for Middle & High School English Teachers - Room 213

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Back-to-School Ideas for Middle & High School English Teachers

back to school tips for middle and high school teachers
Some of you are going back to school this week, while others have a month of summer left. Whether you're setting the alarm or still dreaming of better ways to engage your students, you might find something for you here. I've rounded up some of my favourite back-to-school posts in the hope of providing you with some help and inspiration.
 I wrote recently about my decision to give up my Pinterest and Instagram Classroom envy so I could concentrate on what really matters in my room -- the learning. This post from last year focuses a little more on that, and tells you about the lessons and activities that I use during my first few days of school to create an environment of learning in Room 213.

back to school tips for middle and high school teachersWhen you're out shopping for supplies for your classroom, you don't have to break the bank. In fact, the things I use the most -- and have the greatest success with -- are pretty cheap. In this post, I tell you about the four things that I keep on hand at all times, as well as tips for how to use them in your classroom. You'll also find many posts throughout my blog that show these must-haves in action !

When it is time for back to school, you may want to switch things up a bit. Secondary students meet several teachers on their first day and hearing about rules, routines can get a little repetitive and monotonous. Break the pattern with more engaging ways to give them that first day information.

Once you get past those first days, it's time to get focused on your curriculum. I know many teachers get frustrated with older kids not doing their reading, so you may want to check out this post, where I offer suggestions for ways to get your teens to actually read.

And once they've done the reading, it's time to teach them how to analyze text. You can grab some tips for that here.

I have some amazing English teacher friends who have some back-to-school tips for you as well. You really should check them out:

back to school tips for middle and high school teachers
The Secondary English Coffee shop Gals have just share back to school teacher hacks -- you're sure to find something to help with your preparations there.
The Daring English Teacher has Classroom Routines to Establish at the Beginning of the Year.

Addie Williams provides you with a fun back to school student survey.

Secondary Sara lets you in on Five Rookie Teacher Mistakes to Avoid the First Week of School.

I hope you've found something here to ease your way back into the new school year. Good luck!

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